Top 10 Most Expensive Helicopters in the World (2024)

When it comes to the epitome of the most expensive helicopter aerial transport, private jets often take the spotlight. However, in the realm of opulence, luxury helicopters emerge as the true treasures. Not only are they relatively more affordable, but helicopters also provide access to places that bulky jets simply cannot reach.

Discover the world’s most expensive helicopters in our comprehensive guide. From the $6.3 million Leonardo AW 109 to the $32 million Sikorsky S-92, explore the top 10, each defining luxury in aviation. Which one suits your style—a private helicopter or a private jet?

Owning a helicopter signifies convenience, environmental friendliness, and, above all, a status symbol. In this comprehensive guide, we present the crème de la crème, the 10 most expensive helicopters in the world.

10. Leonardo AW 109: $6.3 Million

  • Range: 579 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 177 mph
  • Features: light and agile, popular with VIPs and the military; twin-engine; spacious cabin; widely used worldwide.
Leonardo AW 109: $6.3 Million
10. Leonardo AW 109: $6.3 Million

The Leonardo AW 109, a light twin-engine helicopter born from the collaboration between Italian company Augusta and British company Westland, makes its mark at number 10.

Introduced in 1971, this helicopter has become a staple for military purposes, serving entities like the Italian Army, the South African Air Force, and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Priced at approximately $6.3 million, it combines affordability with functionality.

9. Sikorsky S-76: $10 Million

  • Range: 527 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 150 mph
  • Features: timeless classic, favored by celebrities and presidents; smooth ride; spacious interior; government and oil/gas industry uses.
Sikorsky S-76: $10 Million
Sikorsky S-76: $10 Million

At the ninth spot, we have the Sikorsky S-76, a medium-sized utility helicopter that has graced the presence of notable figures, including the British royal family and the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. With various variants, the S-76 has set records in climb performance, top speed, and altitude. Its price starts at $10 million, making it a symbol of sophistication.

8. Leonardo AW 139: $12 Million

  • Range: 585 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 187 mph
  • Features: versatile multi-mission, VIP or passenger layout, spacious cabin, law enforcement, search, and rescue capabilities.
Leonardo AW 139 - $12 Million
Leonardo AW 139: $12 Million

The Leonardo AW 139, a medium-sized twin-engine helicopter, takes the eighth spot. Configurable for VIP layouts or passenger transport, it has found applications in roles like VIP and offshore transport, law enforcement, search and rescue, and firefighting.

The estimated cost of this versatile helicopter is around $12 million, reflecting its adaptability and performance.

7. Airbus Helicopters H-155: $14 Million

  • Range: 532 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 201 mph (record-setting)
  • Features: high-performance, sleek design; 12-passenger capacity; popular for VIP, offshore, and military roles.
Airbus Helicopters H155 ($14 million):
7. Airbus Helicopters H155 ($14 million):

The seventh position is claimed by the Airbus Helicopters H-155, formerly known as the Eurocopter EC 155. This twin-engine high-performance helicopter, introduced in 1999, is designed for passenger transport, VIP business transport, and offshore operations. With a cruise speed of up to 201 miles per hour and a range of 532 miles, its estimated cost stands at $14 million.

6. Bell 525 Relentless: $15 Million

  • Range: 644 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 183 mph
  • Features: American innovation; quiet and comfortable ride; five-blade rotor; 16-passenger capacity; VIP version available.
 Bell 525 Relentless: $15 Million
Bell 525 Relentless: $15 Million

Breaking into the top six is the Bell 525 Relentless, an impressive creation by American helicopter manufacturer Bell Helicopters. Priced at $15 million, this medium-sized helicopter boasts a special metal composition, a maximum cruise speed of 183 miles per hour, and a range of 644 miles. With luxurious amenities, it can transport 16 passengers, emphasizing both comfort and performance.

5. Airbus H.215 Super Puma: $15.5 Million

  • Range: 532 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 150 mph
  • Features: workhorse for search and rescue, disaster relief, humanitarian missions, 24-passenger capacity, self-protection systems.
Airbus H.215 Super Puma - $15.5 Million
Airbus H.215 Super Puma: $15.5 Million

Securing the fifth position is the Airbus Helicopters H.215 Super Puma, a four-bladed medium-weight transport helicopter. Originally developed by Eurocopter and now continued by Airbus Helicopters, it is equipped with self-protection systems and used for diverse purposes, including search and rescue, disaster relief, and VIP transport. Priced at $15.5 million, it combines versatility with advanced safety features.

4. Airbus H-175: $17 Million

  • Range: 687 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 173 mph
  • Features: sleek and powerful, advanced avionics, five-blade rotor, plush interior, excellent range.
Airbus H-175 - $17 Million
Airbus H-175: $17 Million

Claiming the fourth spot is the Airbus H-175, also known as the Eurocopter EC 175. Introduced for civilian use and transport, this medium-sized utility helicopter accommodates up to 16 passengers.

With a cruise speed of 173 miles per hour and a range of 687 miles, it exemplifies efficiency and style. Priced at $17 million, it stands as a testament to Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to innovation.

3. Leonardo AW 101: $21 Million

  • Range: 932 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 172 mph
  • Features: largest cabin in class (30 passengers), VIP variant (AW101 VVIP), used by royalty and heads of state.
Leonardo AW 101 -
Leonardo AW 101:

Soaring into the top three is the Leonardo AW 101, a medium-lift transport helicopter introduced by Augusta Westland in 2000. With a spacious cabin capable of accommodating 30 passengers plus luggage space, it sets new standards for luxury.

With a price tag of $21 million, the AW 101 offers a special model, the AW 101 VVIP, designed for very, very important people, further solidifying its status as a luxury helicopter.

2. Airbus H.225 Super Puma: $28 Million

  • Range: 532 miles
  • Cruise Speed: 170 mph
  • Features: versatile powerhouse, spacious 30-passenger cabin, VIP and offshore capabilities, air rescue, and law enforcement roles.
Airbus H.225 Super Puma: $28 Million
Airbus H.225 Super Puma: $28 Million

The second spot is claimed by the Airbus H.225 Super Puma, an evolution of the renowned Super Puma family. With a slightly elongated fuselage, increased takeoff weight, and a five-bladed main rotor, it is used for air rescue, offshore missions, law enforcement, and VIP transport.

Priced at $28 million, this Super Puma accommodates up to 30 occupants and showcases Airbus Helicopters’ commitment to versatility.

1. Sikorsky S-92: $32 Million

  • Range: 620 miles (with additional tanks: 930 miles)
  • Cruise Speed: 174 mph
  • Features: King of Luxury, airline-like cabin, vibration-dampening rotor, VIP amenities, presidential variant (Marine One).
 most expensive helicopter in the world is Sikorsky S-92 - $32 Million
most expensive helicopter in the world is Sikorsky S-92 at $32 Million

Topping the list as the most expensive helicopter in the world is the Sikorsky S-92, a twin-engine medium-sized heavy-lift helicopter. With high-quality amenities comparable to those of an airliner, the S-92, or Halibut in its civilian variant, exudes opulence.

Priced at a staggering $32 million, it can accommodate 19 passengers, has a cruising speed of 174 miles per hour, and a range of 620 miles. Its military variant, the H-92 Super Hawk, and the VH92, used as Marine One for the United States Marine Corps, further solidify its standing as a symbol of luxury.


Which is the most expensive private helicopter?

Sikorsky S-92, at a jaw-dropping $32 million.

How much is the luxury helicopter?

Prices vary greatly, but expect to pay at least $6 million for a taste of luxury in the sky.

Are there luxury helicopters?

Absolutely! From plush interiors to VIP amenities, these flying palaces redefine luxury travel.

What is the most popular private helicopter?

The Eurocopter EC135/Airbus H135 holds the title, favored for its versatility and comfort. But remember, luxury options abound!


In conclusion, these helicopters redefine opulence; each is a marvel of engineering and design. Whether transporting VIPs, serving in military operations, or indulging in luxurious passenger transport, these helicopters stand as symbols of sophistication and status. Which one would you choose—your private helicopter or a private jet?

Share your preferences in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out the more exciting articles given below. May the wealth be with you!

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