Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE Gun in the WORLD 2024

The history of guns starts more than 1,000 years ago with the invention of gunpowder. Experts think this event may have taken place in China as people hunted for an elixir of life. Today, gun manufacturing and production have skyrocketed.

The Rock Island auction has broken records for some of the most expensive gun in the world ever sold, topped only by Bonham’s sale of “the gun that killed Billy the Kid.”. A colt single-action army that sold for $6.01 million. The price of these items does not do justice to the rich history and meaning that they carry with them.

Welcome to Drink Partner Discovery, where we’ll discover the luxuries this world has to offer. In this article, we are taking a look at the top 10 most expensive guns in the world. Let’s get started.

10. William and Son Sidelock

Price: $60,000

Founded in 1999 by William Asprey, William & Son introduces us to the epitome of craftsmanship with their Sidelock masterpiece. Guided by Paul West, an ex-Holland and Holland artisan, these guns boast a distinctive style, adorned with deep scroll house engraving. Side by side and over and unders, both available, are built with precision, showcasing the slimmed Holland style action and modification of the Boss system.

10. Holland and Holland Royal Side-by-Side Self-Opener

Price: From $85,800

The Holland and Holland Royal model, dating back to 1883, presents timeless elegance. Its evolution over the years, incorporating patented mechanisms and assisted opening features, reflects the brilliance of design that has captivated the gun trade. Shooting aficionados appreciate its reliability and enduring appeal, with only minimal changes to the wood and barrel thickness over the decades.

Holland and Holland Royal Side-by-Side Self-Opener
Holland and Holland Royal Side-by-Side Self-Opener

8. Holland and Holland Royal Over and Under

Price: $100,400

Holland and Holland’s foray into over and under territory began in 1914, reaching its pinnacle with the Royal Over and Under in 1992. With a back-action side lock and a shallow, elegantly bolstered body, this gun showcases the prowess of CNC machining. Available with double triggers or a non-selective inertia-operated single trigger, it’s a marvel that takes over 900 hours to build.

Holland and Holland Royal Over and Under
Holland and Holland Royal Over and Under

7. Purdy Over and Under

Price: $110,720

Purdy, established in 1814, acquired the rights to the Woodward Over and Under post-World War II. The woodward type, distinguished by a brilliant hinging system, boasts a low action profile and great elegance. Available in traditional steel or mass steel, this over and under is a testament to Purdy’s commitment to craftsmanship, taking 900 hours to create.

Purdy Over and Under
Purdy Over and Under

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6. Boss Over and Under

Price: $115,540

Boss, an established name since 1812, patented its over and under in 1909, setting a standard for modernity. The streamlined action, dispensing with a cross pin beneath the barrels, showcases their innovative approach. With two locking systems and a turret system with a mechanical single trigger, the Boss Over and Under is a masterpiece imitated by many but equaled by few.

Boss Over and Under
Boss Over and Under

5. Greener Side Lock

Price: $120,000

Greener’s Facile Princeps with classic top extension stands as an exhibition-grade box lock, possibly the finest of its kind. Incorporating a boss ejector system, it demonstrates Greener’s efficiency and uniqueness. With arcaded fences, improved Dealy latch, and a rounded half pistol knobbed grip, this 12, 16, or 20 bore is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Greener Side Lock Gun
Greener Side Lock Gun

4. Fabri Over and Under

Price: From $140,000

The Fabri Factory produces not just one of the most expensive guns but possibly the most sophisticated. Blending old and new, their bench artisans meticulously craft guns that are technically supreme. The unconventional demi-lump barrels made from stainless steel and the assembly technique involving laser fusion make the Fabri Over and Under a true marvel.

Fabri Over and Under
Fabri Over and Under

3. Peter Hoffer, Side Lock

Price: $300,000

Austrian-based Peter Hoffer is a maestro at creating exclusive and innovative guns. His side-by-side 12-bore masterpiece includes an almost hidden.172 between two smoothbore barrels. With about six guns leaving his atelier each year, Hoffer’s creations are ornate, mechanically original, and the result of meticulous craftsmanship spanning years.

Peter Hoffer Side Lock
Peter Hoffer Side Lock

2. General Ulysses S. Grant’s Cased Remington New Model Army Revolvers

Price: $5.17 million

Ulysses S. Grant’s New Model Army Remington Revolvers, presented to the Civil War General and later President of the United States, stand as an American treasure. These revolvers, likely given to Grant after capturing Vicksburg in 1863, are arguably the most significant firearms from the Civil War. Valued at $5.17 million, these revolvers are a testament to historical importance and exquisite craftsmanship.

MOST EXPENSIVE Guns in the WORLD is Army Revolvers Price: $5.17 million
MOST EXPENSIVE Guns in the WORLD is Army Revolvers Price: $5.17 million

SOLD FOR $6,030,312

The Colt Single Action Army revolver holds a legendary place in American history, perhaps more so than the one used by outlaw Billy the Kid in his final encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett in 1881.

This infamous firearm, bearing the scars of a life on the run, recently fetched a staggering $6,030,312 at auction, solidifying its position as one of the most valuable guns in the world.


The gun’s path since leaving Billy’s holster is as fascinating as its origins. It passed through numerous hands, including lawmen, collectors, and even Hollywood actors.

Each owner undoubtedly felt the weight of history it carried, the whisper of the kid’s spirit clinging to its worn metal. Its journey of most expensive gun culminated in the historic auction, where it sparked a bidding war fueled by the allure of owning a legend.

What is the most luxurious gun?

Most luxury: Holland & Holland “Royal” shotguns (customizable, exquisite craftsmanship, historical prestige).

What is the world’s rarest firearm?

Rarest: Pederson T-65 rifle (only one prototype exists; unique design and ammunition).

What are the most expensive weapons in the world?

Most expensive: 1. Pat Garrett’s Colt used to kill Billy the Kid ($6.03 million). 2. Lafayette-Washington-Jackson pistols ($1.98 million).

What is the #1 gun brand in the world?

#1 brand: Glock (dominant market share, known for reliability and affordability).

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