Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Fursuit in 2024

Hey there, Amelia here! Today, we’re delving into the captivating universe of furry auctions about the most expensive fursuits. From comic books to full-body fursuits, furries engage in a wide spectrum of transactions within our beloved fandom.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Fursuits in 2024 is an unnamed commission slot at the highest bid, which reached an astonishing $50,000, marking the highest price ever paid for a fursuit. Unveil the intricate details, controversy, and cutting-edge features that defined these record-breaking transactions.

Little did I know, the prices we’ll explore today transcend the means of even regular working adults. These enthusiasts are truly dedicated to their hobby, and today we’re uncovering figures that will leave you in awe.

💰Cost: $8,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: Justin Bieber Corgi
👗Notable Features: Early high price and celebrity connection; lavender and gray corgi with "JB" on back; currently owned by YouTuber Inked Focus.	

Let’s dive into our chronicle of events. Our first spotlight is on the “Justin Bieber Corgi,” a full-body fursuit crafted by Albino Topaz in 2014. Auctioned on the now-defunct Furbai website, this lavender and gray corgi, embellished with the letters “JB” on its back, fetched $8,000. The suit now belongs to Inked Focus on YouTube, showcasing its enduring popularity.

💰Cost: $11,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: Phoenix Wolf
👗Notable Features: Stunning colors, bird-like design, adorable eyes; brief controversy due to accidental bid; gained recognition for beauty and unique creature design.	

In 2015, a significant leap was made with the sale of an “Angel Dragon” fursuit for $11,000. This full-body furry creature, resembling a bird with adorable yellow eyes, was crafted by Phoenix Wolf.

The auction saw a short-lived controversy when the buyer initially bid $14,000 but apologized, citing an error, eventually settling at $11,000.

💰Cost:  $13,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: Made for You
👗Notable Features: First commission slot auction to reach five figures; highly sought-after maker; marks shift towards custom creations.	

This auction marked a turning point, with a commission slot for a popular maker fetching a record price, and we witnessed the first commission slot to break the $13,000 barrier.Desi Faye won the chance to bring their character to life through the expertise of Made for You.

💰Cost: $17,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: Mixed Candy
👗Notable Features: Vibrant colors, popular character, beloved maker; pre-made suit surpassing expectations; rapid bidding cemented Mixed Candy's popularity.	


Mix Candy set a new record with their pre-made fursuit “Manuel Dog,” reaching an astonishing $17,000 in just three days. This auction’s rapid pace and enthusiastic bidding cemented Mixed Candy’s place as a sought-after maker.

Source: dogpatch.press

💰Cost: $17,500
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: N/A (Pre-Made Suit)
👗Notable Features: Realistic musculature, moving parts; owned by renowned collector Spoticus; showcases his penchant for high-end suits.	

Next up is Spoticus, a fursuit collector known for acquiring high-end creations. In 2015, Spoticus participated in an auction, securing a werewolf pre-made fursuit for an impressive $17,500. Fursuit collector Spoticus snagged this realistic werewolf suit, complete with moving parts and impressive musculature, showcasing his penchant for high-end fursuits.

💰Cost: $23,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: Kyoteki
👗Notable Features: Breathtaking phoenix suit; intricate feather detailing, glowing LED eyes, 10+ft wingspan; redefines fursuit artistry and functionality.	

This breathtaking phoenix suit, crafted by the renowned maker Kyoteki, soared to new heights in 2019. Featuring intricate feather detailing, glowing LED eyes, and a wingspan that stretched over 10 feet, it redefined the possibilities of fursuit artistry and functionality.

💰Cost: $30,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: N/A (Custom Commission)
👗Notable Features: Cutting-edge technology like animatronic ears, cooling system, and scent projection; pushes boundaries of price and fursuit capabilities.	

The indefatigable Spoticus returns, this time with a custom-made masterpiece that pushed the boundaries of both price and technology. This suit incorporated cutting-edge features like animatronic ears, a cooling system, and even scent projection, solidifying Spoticus’ reputation as a connoisseur of high-tech fursuiting.

💰Cost: $35,000
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: N/A (Unknown Suit)
👗Notable Features: Shrouded in mystery; no details about the suit itself; bidding frenzy fueled by pure intrigue and anticipation.	

Shrouded in mystery, this 2022 auction simply titled “The One” captivated the furry community. With no details about the suit itself, the bidding frenzy was fueled by pure intrigue and anticipation. The eventual winner walked away with this unique piece of furry history, forever leaving the specifics of “The One” to speculation.

💰Price: $40,000	
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: Fluffysaur
👗Notable Features: Dual commission slot for coveted maker; unprecedented tie between two determined bidders.	

Another record-breaking tie! This 2023 auction saw two determined bidders go head-to-head for a dual commission slot from the coveted maker Fluffysaur. This unprecedented feat not only highlighted the immense popularity of Fluffysaur’s work but also hinted at the growing trend of collaborative fursuit ownership within the fandom.

💰Cost: $50,000	
🧑🏿‍🏫Maker: N/A (Custom Commission Slot)
👗Notable Features: Highest price ever paid for a fursuit; intense bidding war between two passionate fans; winner remains unknown.	

This jaw-dropping auction saw two fursuit enthusiasts engage in a heated bidding war, ultimately tying at a mind-blowing $50,000 for a commission slot. The winner remains unknown, but the event sent shockwaves through the fandom.

RankYearFursuit NameMakerPrice (USD)Notable Features
1 (Tie)2021Unnamed Commission SlotN/A$50,000Highest price ever paid for a fursuit; intense bidding war between two passionate fans; winner remains unknown.
22018Manuel DogMixed Candy$17,000Vibrant colors, popular character, beloved maker; pre-made suit surpassing expectations.
32015Werewolf Pre-MadeN/A$17,500Realistic musculature, moving jaw, hyper-realistic fur; owned by renowned fursuit collector Spoticus.
42018Made for You Commission SlotMade for You$13,000First commission slot auction to reach such a high price; highly sought-after maker.
52015Angel DragonPhoenix Wolf$11,000Stunning colors, bird-like design, adorable eyes; brief controversy due to accidental bid.
62014Justin Bieber CorgiAlbino Topaz$8,000Inspired by the then-popular singer; notable for its celebrity connection and early high price.

How expensive are most Fursuits?

Most fursuits range from $2,000-$8,000, but can reach well into five figures for complex designs.

What is the most popular fursuit?

The Furry fandom is diverse, so popularity fluctuates, but classics like wolves, foxes, and dragons always have fans.

How expensive is a fursuit head? What is the oldest fursuit?

Fursuit heads typically cost $1,000-$3,000, depending on complexity and materials.

What is the oldest fursuit?

Pinpointing the oldest fursuit is tricky, but documented examples date back to the 1980s with evolving styles over time.

As we conclude this journey through the most expensive auctions in furry history, we’re left with one question – who won? Unfortunately, that detail eluded our research. What are your thoughts on these record-breaking prices? Drop your comments down below.

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