In the tapestry of human history, fountains have played a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of public spaces, town squares, and significant urban locations. Not only do they draw attention to the natural beauty of their surroundings, but they also serve as major attractions for tourists worldwide.

Today, we delve into the realm of opulence as we explore the top 10 most expensive fountains across the globe.

Fountain Name⛲:  Buckingham Fountain
Cost: $750,000.
Inaugurated: 1927
Buckingham Fountain (Chicago, USA)

One of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks, the Buckingham Fountain, stands tall with a price tag of $750,000. Constructed in Rococo style and resembling a majestic wedding cake, this fountain boasts pink marble imported from Georgia. Its spectacular water and lighting performances, along with seahorse sculptures representing states around Lake Michigan, make it a must-visit for tourists.

Fountain Name⛲:  Multimedia Fountain Roshan
Cost: $1.5 million.
Opened to the public: 2011.
Multimedia Fountain Roshan (Ukraine)

The Multimedia Fountain Roshan, located in Ukraine, claims its place as the largest fountain in Europe. With a total cost of $1.5 million, it combines water effects, lasers, 3D projections, and music in mesmerizing multimedia shows. The repertoire includes timeless works like “The Little Prince” and “The Nutcracker.”

Fountain Name⛲:  Fountain of Wealth
Cost: $6 million.
Constructed: 1995.
Fountain of Wealth (Suntec City, Singapore)

Recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest fountain in 1998, the Fountain of Wealth in Singapore comes with a construction cost of $6 million. Covering an area of 1,700 square meters and towering nearly 14 meters, this fountain is not just an architectural marvel but a symbol of good fortune.

Fountain Name⛲:  Jet d'Eau
Cost: $800,000.
Constructed: 1891.

Nestled in Geneva, Switzerland, the Jet d’Eau is renowned for standing at one of the highest elevations globally. While its construction cost remains unknown, its annual maintenance of $800,000 secures its spot among the world’s most expensive fountains. Propelling 500 liters of water per second at an altitude of 140 meters, it has become an iconic emblem of the city.

Fountain Name⛲:  King Fahd's Fountain
Cost: $700,000.
Constructed: 1985
King Fahd's Fountain (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Located in Jeddah, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, King Fahd’s Fountain exudes magnificence. As the highest fountain of its style globally, its construction cost remains undisclosed. However, its yearly maintenance is expected to be among the most expensive in the world, propelling water to a breathtaking height over the Red Sea.

Fountain Name⛲:  Archibald Fountain 
Cost: $700,000.
Opened to the public: 1932.
Archibald Fountain (Sydney, Australia): Australian Elegance

Claiming the title of the second most expensive fountain globally, the Archibald Fountain in Sydney, Australia, remains shrouded in mystery regarding its construction cost. Acknowledged as the best public fountain in Australia, its annual upkeep cost is believed to be among the highest globally.

Fountain Name⛲:  Bellagio Fountain
Construction Cost: $40 million
First Opened: 1998
Bellagio Fountain (Las Vegas, USA)

The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, USA, stands as a testament to grandeur, with a construction cost of $40 million. Offering a free show choreographed with performances set to music and lights, it has become a popular spot for Las Vegas couples to host their receptions.

Fountain Name⛲:  Dubai Fountain 
Construction Cost: $218 million
Located: Downtown Dubai
Dubai Fountain (Dubai, UAE)

Dubai, known for its architectural marvels, is home to the Dubai Fountain, estimated to cost a staggering $218 million. Situated on the man-made Burj Khalifa lake, it enchants tourists daily with continuous performances of dancing music and lights, making it the tallest performing fountain globally.

Fountain Name⛲:  Grand Cascade Fountain
Cost: $700,000
Located inside is the Palace of Peterhoff.
Grand Cascade Fountain (Peterhoff, Russia)
Grand Cascade Fountain (Peterhoff, Russia)

Housed within the Palace of Peterhoff in Russia, the Grand Cascade Fountain exudes imperial splendor. Constructed with golden sculptures, its exact construction cost remains a mystery, but it is considered one of the most expensive fountains globally. Part of the palace and gardens built in 1721, it stands as a testament to Russian opulence.

Fountain Name⛲:  Moonlight Rainbow Fountain 
Construction cost: $20 million.
Guinness World Record: Longest bridge fountain
Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (Seoul, South Korea)
Moonlight Rainbow Fountain (Seoul, South Korea)

Concluding our journey is the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul, South Korea, which holds the title of the longest bridge fountain globally. With approximately 10,000 LED nozzles and a length of around 1,140 meters, this fountain pumps approximately 190 tons of water every minute. Its construction in 2009 came at an approximate cost of $20 million, making it a dazzling spectacle and the perfect finale to our list of the world’s most expensive fountains.

What is the most expensive fountain in the world?

The most expensive fountain in the world is Dubai Fountain ($217 million).

Which is the highest fountain in the world?

The highest fountain in the world is King Fahd Fountain (358 ft)

Which is the world’s best water fountain?

The world’s best water fountains are the Bellagio Fountains for choreography and music, the Fountain of Wealth for prosperity symbolism, and the Trevi Fountain for historical significance.

What are expensive fountains made of?

Materials: Stainless steel, bronze, concrete, fiberglass, gold (occasionally).

In the world of grandeur and architectural marvels, these fountains stand as testaments to human creativity, engineering prowess, and the pursuit of beauty. Each with its own unique story, these water features continue to captivate visitors from around the globe, inviting them to marvel at the intersection of art and engineering.

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