Top 10 Most Expensive CS2 Skins in 2024

Top 10 Most Expensive CS2 Skins. Uncover the rare Karambit Case Harden Blue Gem, valued at $2 million, and explore other luxurious virtual treasures shaping the high-stakes world of collector’s dreams

In the ever-evolving world of CS2, the allure of rare and extravagant skins has captured the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike. In this comprehensive guide,

We delve into the realm of opulence, presenting the Top 10 Most Expensive CS Skins that transcend the boundaries of virtual items.

10. Karambit Crimson Web in Factory New: $144,000

  • Price: $144,000+ (highest sale)
  • Unique detail: Elusive knife, only 49 exist, Tier One patterns reign supreme

Claiming the 10th spot is the elusive Karambit Crimson Web in Factory New, a knife so rare that only 49 exist in the world. Among these, the Tier One patterns reign supreme, with pattern 59 taking the spotlight.

The mesmerizing blend of rarity and perfection has propelled this crimson beauty to a staggering price tag, with one notable sale reaching over $144,000.

  • Price: $20,000+ (peak desirability)
  • Unique detail: Breathtaking blue hue, a testament to CS2 hype
Butterfly Knife Doppler Sapphire

Securing the 9th position is the Butterfly Knife Doppler Sapphire, a testament to the peak of CS2 hype. Distinguished by its breathtaking blue hue, the Sapphire variant commands attention. In a market where uniqueness is currency, these knives commanded prices upwards of $20,000 during the height of their desirability.


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  • Price: $50,000 (estimated value on CS Float)
  • Unique detail: Meticulously traded up, sparking debates on true market worth

The 8th slot is claimed by the lowest-float AK-47 Gold Arabesque in Factory New, a skin meticulously traded up by Sparkles himself. Valued at an eye-watering $50,000 on the CS float, this golden masterpiece adds a touch of opulence to any collection, sparking debates on its true market worth.

7. Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box: $50,000

  • Price: $50,000 (highest sale in May 2023)
  • Unique detail: First-ever glove collection, epitome of luxury in CS2
Sport Gloves Pandora's Box

In 7th place, we spotlight the Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box, a creation from the first-ever glove collection. Achieving a pinnacle sale of $50,000 in May 2023, these gloves represent the epitome of luxury in the CS2 skin universe.

6. Op Gun Near (Factory New): $100,000

  • Price: $100,000 (current listing)
  • Unique detail: Lowest float version; only 3,500 units exist
Op Gun Near in Factory New

The 6th spot is occupied by the Op Gun Near in Factory New, a skin that emerged in 2019 with approximately 3,500 units in existence. While a battle-scarred version may cost around $7,000, the lowest-float version is currently listed at a staggering $100,000. The debate over its true value continues, making it a captivating addition to our top 10.

5. AK-47 Wild Lotos in Factory New: $160,000

  • Price: $160,000 (Buff sale in March 2023)
  • Unique detail: Visually stunning, fewer than 3,000 in circulation
AK-47 Wild Lotos in Factory New

Breaking into the top 5 is the AK-47 Wild Lotos in Factory New, adorned with four Katov Vitza 2014 Reason Holos. This visually stunning skin set a record with a sale price of $160,000 on Buff in March 2023. With fewer than 3,000 in circulation, the Wild Lotos remains a prized possession among CS2 aficionados.

4. Stat Track M44 How in Factory New: $210,000

  • Price: $210,000 (Twitter auction in April 2023)
  • Unique detail: Iconic skin and stickers, deeply rooted in Counter-Strike lore
  • Image: (Include image of a StatTrak M4A4 Howl in Factory New with 4X iBuyPower Holos.)
Stat Track M44 How in Factory New

The 4th position is seized by the iconic Stat Track M44 How in Factory New, a skin deeply rooted in Counter-Strike lore. This masterpiece, featuring 4X iBuyPower Holos, fetched an astonishing $210,000 in a Twitter auction in April 2023, sparking debates on whether its value truly reflects its significance in the game’s history.

3. AK-47 Case Harden Blue Gem: $400,000

  • Price: $400,000 (highest sale in April 2023)
  • Unique detail: 4X Titan Holo stickers, breathtaking combination of rarity and embellishment
  • Image: (Include image of an AK-47 Case Hardened Blue Gem with pattern 661)
AK-47 Case Harden Blue Gem

In the 3rd spot, we showcase the AK-47 Case Harden Blue Gem with a 661 pattern. Valued at $50,000 for its rarity alone, this skin takes extravagance to new heights with 4X Titan Holo stickers. In April 2023, a collector secured this marvel for an astounding $400,000, setting a new benchmark for CS2 skin valuations.

2. Souvenir Op Dragon Lore in Factory New: $150,000

  • Price: ~$150,000 (varies by float)
  • Unique detail: Most expensive AWP skin exists; only 114 exist; the top 2 lack stickers but retain rarity
  • Image: (Include image of a Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore in Factory New.)
Souvenir Op Dragon Lore in Factory New

Securing the 2nd position is the souvenir Op Dragon Lore in Factory New, the most expensive Op skin in CS2. With only around 114 in existence, this opulent piece commands a value of approximately $150,000, contingent upon its float. However, the true gems are the top two souvenirs, with their stickers removed, yet their rarity persists.

1. Karambit Case Harden Blue Gem: $100,000

  • Price: $100,000 (acquired in 2016); estimated current value: $2 million
  • Unique detail: One-in-371 million chance of unboxing, unparalleled rarity
  • Image: (Include image of a Karambit Case Harden Blue Gem with pattern 387)
Karambit Case Harden Blue Gem

Topping our list is the legendary Karambit Case Harden Blue Gem, boasting a 387 pattern that defies statistical probability. With a one-in-371 million chance of unboxing, this knife’s rarity is unparalleled in the CS2 universe.

Acquired for $100,000 in 2016, its current speculated worth stands at an astonishing $2 million. This extraordinary piece has become a testament to the intersection of gaming and high-stakes collecting.


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What is the most expensive skin sold in CS2?

Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem (Pattern 387) currently valued at a staggering $2 million!

What is the rarest skin in CS2?

M4A4 Howl, with only a handful existing, especially those with valuable stickers.

Which skins look better in CS2?

Subjective and depends on personal preference! Look for unique patterns, vibrant colors, and cool stickers.

What is the rarest skin in CS:GO?

Same as #2 – M4A4 Howl, particularly well-preserved ones with Katowice 2014 stickers.

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